Alfredo Sestito

My origins drive me back to Borgia, a hill town which looks on to the Ionian sea.

When I was a child, photography aroused my curiosity many times, but my childhood was revolved around another sublime art: the music. A passion that still today I’m devoted to: piano, virtual synthesizers, and new entry since 2010, the didgeridoo!

In year 2005, driven by the wish to portray the world around me, I bought my first reflex camera. A decision that, in one way or another, has left a mark in my life. Within a few years the simple curiosity became a reason for life and a job.

In year 2007 after the Degree in Political Science at Università di Pisa I moved to Luxembourg, where I attended some photographic courses held by CIEL (Club Photo des Institutions Européennes à Luxembourg). The favorable geographic position of the country put me in touch with various realities (like France, Germany, Belgium, and Holland).

In year 2009 I moved to Paris where I attend a specialization course at the "Centre Jean Verdier – Departement Photographie", held by Carlo WERNER and Bruno DUBREUIL.

Cradle of photography and multiethnic never ending metropolis, Paris gave a fundamental contribute to the building of my vision of photography. Walking through the thousands of “rue”, “quai” and “boulevard”, I moved my interest towards the street photography, the reportage and the documentary: travel stories, events, people, cultures, traditions.

Since 2014 I've been holding a Press Card and I've been co-operating with different photo press agencies as a freelance photographer. My pictures have been sold to:

  • LaRepubblica Web (Italy)
  • Corriere della sera Web (Italy)
  • The Indipendent (United Kingdom)
  • Financieele Dagblad bv\Het (Netherlands)
  • Who - Pacific magazines (Australia)
  • Koolworks (Greece)
  • InternetBE (Belgium)
  • Newstalk ( Internet / Ireland)





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