PX3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris 2012


So happy to be part of the WINNERS of the PX3 2012 PEOPLE's CHOICE AWARDS.

I’d like to thank with all my heart all of you who voted for my pictures.




PORTRAIT OF A GUITARIST - GOLD MEDAL in Advertising/Music Category





Nico Zaccone, founding father of the Italians band "Motion Floor".

Borgia, Italy.







GRAINS OF SAND IN THE DESERT - SILVER MEDAL in Press Travel/Tourism Category

Tuareg moving along the routes of the desert, in boundless spaces, astonshing rocks, mountains made by sand, endless skies.

Tassili N'Ajjer, Sahara Desert, Algeria.













IN THE WORLD OF TUAREGS - BRONZE MEDAL in Portraiture/Culture Category

The Tuaregs have been living in the Sahara desert for 20.000 years. They are some of the last free people on the Earth and for centuries their culture has been passed from father to son through spoken words, the only testimony of the past.

Tassili N'Ajjer, Sahara Desert, Algeria.



















In the popular imagination the desert is seen as a boundless space, arid and lifeless. The reality is completely different. In the desert there is more life than it could be expected, expecially in certain areas were rocks and creeks trap water. The desert is by itself a living organism, perfect, sacred, timeless.

During one of the most significative experience of my life, I run behind a caravan of camels moving towars water in one of the "routes of the desert". A hard journey, sometimes many days long, just to let those animals survive in an incredibly hostile land. The traces of water were more and more evident while we were reaching our destination...and emotions grew at the same time.

Tassili N'Ajjer, Sahara Desert, Algeria.














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