Avenue de la liberté - Luxembourg City

It was the year 2007 when I arrived in Luxembourg and took just for fun this picture. The aim was simply to show my family and relatives the place where I was starting to work.

After some time, I was asked to prepare a picture of the building to add to the company website. Not an easy task at all! I had no camera with me to take a further proper picture, so the only chance was to use this one. I was deeply convinced that there were too many “disturbing” elements not related and subtracting importance to the subject and I decided to exit the proper photography path and to move to computer graphics: it is what I consider the death of photography! Via Photoshop and other software I widely “re-touched” the picture contents.

Although artificial and out of the traditional photographic spirit, the result was very appreciated (and I escaped from a difficult situation!!)

With the years, something particular happened. Everybody, while observing the pictures, started to look for the differences between this picture and the original, like in the so well known and old game “spot the difference”. I had then the idea to share (just for fun) with all of you the original and the post-processed pictures that you find in the website.

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