Tourism in Paris

The first problem I had before making this work was the subject. What is a suitable subject to talk about tourism in Paris? It is not easy to imaginate the number of people coming every day from all over the world if you don't live in this city. With its 27 millions of visitors par year, Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world. Walking around the city you can find many things related to tourism: from tour operators to bistrots, restaurants and events organized everywhere... all sweet honey for visitors!

Finally I chose to take pictures about the "mass tourism": that kind of the tourism which is known as a mass phenomenon. I spent a few days in 3 of the most visited places of Paris: Notre Dame with Latin Quarter, Montmartre with its big flights of steps, Trocadero and its beautiful Eiffel Tower's skyline.

I was there seeing around me and looking for curiosity, rarities or unusual scenes. The questions I kept asking myself were "what kind of photos did the tourists take? How did they pose in front of the main monuments of Paris?". And here there is an imitation of Quasimodo, some carefree jumps, hugs, smiles and strange poses!

Opening photo (and details) apart, all subjects are young people taking a picture or posing to be photographed. The camera, as characteristic object of the tourist, is the other common element through all pictures.

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