The Frischera - Smell of Calabrian Youth

In calabrian slang, the world “Frischera” indicates a hut which has one or more open sides, usually built with blanks, shrubs and dried palm leaves.
"Frischere" are built in the countryside for protectioning things and animals, but we also find them on the beach for sheltering oneself from the sun and the summer heat.

When I was child, the "Frischere" were built on the beach by the old people of the village, above all. They wisely used to go to the sea early in the morning and went back home before the sun was too strong. Instead of us, young innocent and thoughtless boys, who used to go to the beach late in the morning, waiting for the "frischere" to be left in order to stay inside them.

"Frischere" were our meeting point, where a lot of friendship were born and first loves blossomed. Between that tangle of branches, boards, leaves, we organized our long summer afternoons playing music, crosswords, cards, chess, beach volley and other beach sports like paddle ball, Calcio 21 (Football 21) or Sette Schiaccia (Seven Smash).

My childhood summers were enjoyed under the shadows of the "Frischere".
Today, 25 years later, the "Frischere" get on the lives of younger people too, who built them by themselves at the beginning of the summer.

And for the next two months, beach life will revolve around them.


In the next page are a little photographic work realized using a circular fisheye and a picture of group.

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