PX3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014

I'm pleased to inform you that Tuesday, July the 1st, my work "Luminescences" was awarded of a Honorable Mention at the PX3 - Prix De la Photographie à Paris. This was an impulsive work, created by instinct during the night of August the 15th 2013, a magic night in Italy. I was in front of a small country house in the village of Gasperina, playing with the technique known as "light painting" mixed with long time exposure. The initial idea was to create some pictures to be used in the music industry (cd cover/booklet).

I would like to share this important award with the people that every day sustain, encourage and support myself in my photographic journey (Laura above all). This prize represent a milestone for me because it comes from a very professional and high level jury, all names are listed into the official press communication of the contest.
I would like to thank also all of them who played with me in that magic night: Laura, Nicola and Francesco Celia, Clara Mazza, Luigi Staglianò.

A special thanks also to Vania Citraro that the night before the 15th opened the doors of the " light painting" while she dancing around a fire on a beach.


LUMINESCENCES - HONORABLE MENTION - PX3 Prix de la Photographie à Paris 2014




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Here are the official certificate and the press comnunication:



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