"Roma" houses of Transylvania

Romani are traditionally one of the most colorful people in the world and and keep this peculiarity even today, after many changes have effected their lifestyle.

Victims of persecution and exterminated during the Nazi period, they were not able to re-organize their community in Eastern Europe. They ended up quitting nomadism, losing the Bohemian nature which was their characteristic for many centuries and which entered so deeply the collective imagination of the Westerners.

“Roma houses of Transylvania” has been realized among the houses of ancient Saxon villages in the Sibiu district, Romania.

Those villages were colonized by Roma people in the early days of 90s after the exodus of half a million Saxon Romanians. After the fall of the Ceausescu’s regime, the 90% of the German-speaking Romanians moved to Germany in less than four months, being attracted by the famous speech “Return to the Motherland” by the German politician Hans-Dietrich Genscher.

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